Yamaha Electro Acoustic Guitars

Yamaha offer a comprehensive range of Electro-Acoustic guitars to suit big dreams without taking a life time of work to be able to afford! All of Yamaha guitars are highly suited to both amateur and professional players due to their high quality of manufacture, where they mix traditional methods and modern manufacturing processes along with choosing quality materials and parts.

Yamaha APX Series

Yamaha APX Series The APX series from Yamaha are designed for live performances, and their small bodies and slim necks make them ideal for electric guitarists who wish to play an acoustic with minimum hassle. Due to the fact that the body is only thinned a little,.. more..

Yamaha CPX Series

Yamaha CPX Series The CPX range have become a popular choice for electro-acoustic players. Like all of Yamaha's ranges the CPX range has some brilliant, high quality guitars at Yamaha's affordable prices.

Yamaha F Guitars

Yamaha F Guitars Yamaha's F guitars are highly affordable, superior sounding guitars. Yamaha spends a lot of money researching and developing their guitars, so you'll be hard pushed to find a bad one! All of the guitars in this range are good value for money. .. more..

Yamaha L Series

Yamaha L Series The L in L series stands for luxury and this is a range of fantastic Yamaha guitars which utilise the best materials and building methods from all of their ranges. For the quality of manufacture and sound they are worth every penny! All of the.. more..