Ovation Electro Acoustic Guitars

Ovation is a US based company that primarily specialises in acoustic guitars. Ovation's first guitar came out in 1966. This was because, Charles Kaman, a keen guitarist, who owned a Martin's guitar with a warped neck and needed to get it fixed. He was offered a tour around the factory and when he saw that glue and hammers were being used he instantly saw that the construction could be improved. He offered to buy the company, twice, but was refused both times. Therefore he started making them himself. Ovation is well known for their unique sound holes.

Ovation Applause

Ovation Applause An affordable range of Ovation guitars that sound fantastic! The applause range are a great starting point for finding a good Ovation guitar.

Ovation Other

Ovation Other A section for some other Ovation guitars.