Epiphone Electro Acoustic Guitars

Epiphone started in 1873 but was bought out by Gibson in 1950. The name Epiphone came around from the founder's nickname, "EPI" and the greek word for sound, "Phone". Epiphone is similar to Squier, in the way that they offer similar styles of guitars at lower prices. Arists such as Slash, from Guns 'n' Roses and the band "The Flaming Lips" use Epiphone guitars.

Epiphone Archtop

Epiphone Archtop An "Archtop" guitar is one that has steel strings and is either semi acoustic, or acoustic. Archtops are popular amongst jazz and blues musicians. In general, Archtops have humbucker pickups and F holes (similar to violins). Gibson hired Lloyd.. more..