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Yamaha Electric Guitars

Japanese company, Yamaha began making electric guitars back in the 60s after many years of experience within the musical instrument industry. Primarily Yamaha aim to target the needs and wants of modern players, with a wide range of designs and uses.

Though their guitars are generally more affordable than some western counterparts many famous musicians use their guitars due to the high build and sound quality.

Yamaha spend a large amount of their time each year in research and development, enabling them to improve guitars.

Yamaha Pacifica Guitars

Yamaha Pacifica Guitars The Pacifica range of Yamaha guitars started with the Pacifica 112 which was released back in 1993. This model really shook the entry level guitar market as unlike other guitars of a similar price range, this one used high quality materials and.. more..

Yamaha AES Guitars

Yamaha AES Guitars The AES series of guitars are a popular group of guitars due to both their looks and their features. They also have some definitive features which is what makes this series of guitar so popular!

Yamaha RGX Guitars

Yamaha RGX Guitars Yamaha's RGX series combines the sleek design of typical of superstrats with incredible playability These guitars are very similar to Ibanez's RG series and Jackson's Soloist guitars. These futuristic guitars started to be made in 1987 are made in.. more..
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