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Vintage Electric Guitars

Vintage has a reputation for building brilliant guitars and recently they've improved their electric guitars, so that they're even better! They have a large line of guitars equipeted with Wilkinson components which has really helped develop Vintage's electric guitars. Vintage's guitars have the looks, they have the sounds, they're amazing to play and they still manage very reasonable prices.

Vintage VS6 Series

Vintage VS6 Series The VS6 range are so similar to the original Gibson SGs. They have a mahogany neck with two sets of volume and tone controls and humbucker picukps...however, just look at the prices of some of these guitars. A big drop from what Gibson would have.. more..

Vintage Zip

Vintage Zip The zip series has set around to put fun back into guitar playing, making you want to get the riffs and chords right, turn the AMP up, rather than just twiddling with the EQ!

Vintage TC200

Vintage TC200 This series of Vintage guitars has been about for over 50 years and offers Wilkinson hardware. Well known as the "tone machine", meaning that it should sound great!

Vintage Advance Series

Vintage Advance Series The slogan for these guitars is "Evolution Not Revolution", suggesting that Vintage has set about to improve some of the best, classic guitars out there. Improving them with new Wilkinson technologies yet keeping the classical designs that players.. more..

Vintage VSA Series

Vintage VSA Series This series of Vintage guitars offers a traditional playing encounter, the stylised 'F' holes help emphases its European beginnings. They have large, 17 inch bodies which makes them large guitars, with big tones.

Vintage Icon

Vintage Icon This series of guitar is based off a classic design, with some great looks and a brilliant finish. Inspired by the Les Paul series, this guitar offers a quality that some more expensive models cannot match. Vintage have a well earned reputation.. more..

Vintage Metal Axxe Wraith

Vintage Metal Axxe Wraith This sinister looking guitar has a very unique and personal style to it.

Vintage V8

Vintage V8 The V8 series is a simple, traditional designed, double cutaway electric guitar.
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