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Fender Squier is a section of Fender which produces classic Fender designs, with their classic looks and brilliant sounds but at a much more affordable price tag.

The reason Squire was set up was to tap into the inexpensive guitar market that their competitors were expanding into. As making the products in the States would have bumped the costs up, the first Squire guitars started coming out of Asia in 1982 and Squire has built up a reputation for reliability and high build quality. Costs are kept down by using outsourced labour and woods common to the countries that the guitars are made in.

Squire was bought by Fender during the CBS years. Previously Fender's lower priced guitars were produced under the Lead series but previously they had not made more affordable versions of their Stratocaster or Telecaster models. Not only did Fender benefit by claiming some of the entry level market, but they also they helped reduce the amount of counterfeit, or imitation Fender guitars as part of the agreement the Japanese manufactures agreed to forced them to stop creating their copies. Sometimes early Squier guitars are refered to as the JV series - this stands for Japanese Village. From Squier's origins in Japan, manufacturing has moved to other Asian countries.

The majority of Squier designs are Fender models, however they have had some original models, including the Super-Sonic and Jagmaster.

As Squier are owned by fender, you can now afford to buy one of your favorite guitars!

Squier Vintage Modified

Squier Vintage Modified The vintage modified series aims to produce some of the classic fenders designed for a much lower price. Therefore these guitars are highly suited to a beginner or someone looking to buy their first guitar.

Squier Stratocaster

Squier Stratocaster Squire's Stratocasters are brilliant, inexpensive guitars for beginners and novice guitarists. As Squire is owned by Fender these are not considered "strat copies" that many other manufactures make.

Squier Telecaster

Squier Telecaster Though not an original Telecaster, these Squirer version are even more affordable and are even endorsed by Fender! This is because Squire is owned by Fender. The Squier range of guitars are perfect for new or beginners guitarists.
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