PRS Electric Guitars

PRS Guitars, founded by guitarist Paul Reed Smith in 1985 is an American guitar manufacturer based in Maryland. PRS originally created guitars for local players and they have now moved onto focus on manufacturing high end electric guitars. PRS do offer a SE (student edition) which is a range of more affordable guitars, in the stye of their famous models. These are perfect for those who play the guitar as a hobby, with their higher end range being more suited to professional musicians.

In 2001 PRS had some legal issues, Gibson claiming trademark infringement with their Singlecut guitar. Gibson, did originally win, though the US Court of Appeals later reversed the decision in 2005. Paul Smith was very glad with this decision stating that "the PRS Singlecuts are musical instruments of the highest quality that would never be confused with a competitor’s product.". Gibson went on to appeal this 25 times without success. In the end the courts rules that "only an idiot" would get the two products confused when purchasing a guitar.

Paul Reed Smith built up popularity by going to gigs and forcing guitarists to try out his models, to try and get them interested in his products. PRS guitars are used by famous musicians, such as, Carlos Santana and Phil Campbell (Motorhead) helps enforce their mission statement, "we strive to build the best guitars and guitar products possible ".


PRS SE PRS have a range of guitar which aren't suitable for professional guitarists and are similar in standard to mid level Jackson guitars and Epiphone guitars. SE, Standing for Student Edition also means that they won't cost an arm and a leg to.. more..
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