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Peavey Electric Guitars

Peavey was founded in 1965 and is based in Mississippi. Hartley Peavey started the company after he built his first amplifier 8 years before hand.

Currently Peavey have 33 factories, the majority based in Mississippi and the rest based in America, Europe and Asia. Here's a fact for you, all of these factories mean that Peavey has around 1.5 million square feet of manufacturing floor space.

Peavey is a pioneer in the musical instrument manufacturing industry. Peavey's new electric guitars are starting to be equipped with their new, ACM (Analog Acoustic Modeling) which allows for the electric guitars to replicate the tone and nuances of an acoustic guitar.

Peavey Rotor

Peavey Rotor The rotor series encompasses a high output, contemporary metal guitar, with its retro shape and top notch components.

Peavey Generation

Peavey Generation The generation series is renouned for its ability to be used to play many genres as Peavey create a model for every taste. The guitars main features is it's "Analog Acoustic Modeling" which means that an acoustic sounds can be blended with a.. more..
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