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Japanese guitar manufacture, Ibanez started out making electric guitars in 1957. Ibanez were one of the first Japanese guitar manufactures to get a good market share in both American and Europe.

In a similar way to many Japanese manufactures, design used to be highly influenced by both European and then American guitar designs. These went down well with the American market due to American guitars increasing price, but decreasing quality. After a period of lawsuits from American guitar manufactures, Ibanez started to only produce its own guitar designs. By in the 80s and 90s Ibanez's owner, Hoshino Gakki, used his relationship with Frank Zappa to introduce the JEM and Universe models.

Ibanez is a reputable guitar brand with a varying range of guitars for different price ranges. They are one of the world's top selling bass guitar manufactures and are used by many successful guitarists.

Ibanez SA Series

Ibanez SA Series The SA stems from Ibanez's S series and is a more standard series as its body is slightly thicker and has an arched top and flat back. It also has a SAT single locking floating tremolo at the bridge and before 2008 this was a real selling point as.. more..

Ibanez RG Series

Ibanez RG Series The RG series was named after Ibanez's original name, Roadstar Guitar and this series boasts the most varieties of models of any series of guitars. This range of guitars were produced by Hoshino Gakki and some critics have said how they were his.. more..

Ibanez GAX Series

Ibanez GAX Series With the GAX series Ibanez have set about reducing the amount of costly, unnecessary frills that some guitars have and it takes you 'back to the basics'. They've kept their high quality of manufacture and high output humbuckers. The GAX models has.. more..

Ibanez S Series

Ibanez S Series With the S series, Ibanez set about to prove that Mahogany guitars don't have to be heavy and bulky. They all use a double-locking ZR tremolos and high-gain IBZ INF pickup combos to produce a fantastic range of guitars.

Ibanez GRG Series

Ibanez GRG Series This series includes some of the very best metal Axe guitars. All of them have brilliant specs, and you won't be breaking the bank! Unlike other brands (squier, epiphone, etc) Ibanez will put their name on this guitar; so they're obviously not.. more..

Ibanez AG Series

Ibanez AG Series The AG series are very beautiful guitars, made from lovely woods, made for a combination of comfort and sound quality.

Ibanez Misc

Ibanez Misc Some other guitars of Ibanez's which didn't seem to fit in any of the other ranges.
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