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Swedish manufacture Hagstrom started making electric guitars in the sixties. Before this they were well known for producing accordions and influences from their accordions could be seen in their early electric guitars.

Hagstrom tried to launch in America, before World War 2. However, the launch was canceled and those hired to run the American division left with the companies' money. After the war Hagstrom sent someone over from Sweden to launch a new accordion factory. Back in Sweden accordion production peaked and they started to open schools to teach people to play.

Hagstrom started producing electric guitars in '58 and basses in '61. Along with the line of instruments, they produced other piece of musical equipment - some of which were used on ABBA's first world tour. In 1983 production ended as the company couldn't compete against the lower priced guitars produced in Asia. Hagstrom did have an opportunity to start manufacturing in Japan, but they were not happy with the production quality so they closed the company down.

Many years later, in 2004, Hagstrom was relaunched. Hagstrom currently produce guitars in a similar style to their more famous, past designs. Production of these guitars occurs in a Hagstrom only factory in China. There are rumors about reintroducing a Swedish factory, but as of yet there don't seem to be any official plans for this.

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