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Gibson is a large American guitar manufacture based in Tenessee (USA) fonded in 1902. Gibson have a collection of subsidariy companies, including epiphone, which they also sell guitars and other musical instruments through. To start with Gibson only produced Orville Gibson original designs. In 1919 Gibson hired Lloyd Loar to help innovative their guitar and mandolin's designs and just three years later he designed, what has become to be called the ultimate bluegrass mandolin. A year later Loar left the company.

During the '30s, Gibson started to look into the ideas behind electric guitars and in 1936 they created one of the first commercially successful electric guitars - the ES-150.

In a similar way to other manufactures, during World War 2 only a few instruments were made, Gibson stopped producing instruments and helped the war effort by making wooden parts for the military.

After the war production was still a bit slow due to limited resources. In '48 Gibson hired Ted McCarty who was later promoted to company president. McCarty helped produce the Les Paul to try and rival Fender's Telecaster. Artist Les Paul, who had very little to do with the development of the guitar, other than the use of his name, did request for the tail piece to be altered. In 1961 Gibson changed the Les Paul's design. As the artist, Les Paul was not a fan of the new shape, it was renamed to the SG (solid guitar). The SG was very popular with heavy metal and rock guitarists.

One of the criticisms made about Gibson was that their designs were quite conservative. McCarty decided to change this opinion and Gibson launched the Explorer and Flying V models in the late 50s. It wasn't until the 60s and 70s when the models were relaunched that they actually started to sell.

Gibson SG

Gibson SG The SG is a very popular, solid bodied guitar that was introduced in the early 1960s. It was first introduced to combat the decline in sales of the Gibson Les Paul model. Originally it used the 'Les Paul name', but as Les Paul didn't like the.. more..

Gibson Les Paul

Gibson Les Paul Gibson's Les Paul is a solid body guitar that was developed in the early 1950s by Ted Mc Carty the owner of Gibson and approved by jazz pop artist Les Paul. It was developed to 'cash in' on the new electric guitar market that had been popularlised.. more..
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