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Fender has been around for over four decades and has played a major part in influencing modern music. Fender, originally called the Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company was started and 1946. Fender is well known for quality products within the amplifers, electric guitar and electric basses market. Fender had an important part to play in making the solid body guitar affordable. Along with this they created the first mass produced solid body, spanish style electric guitar, which is what is currenty known as the Telecaster.

It was later sold to CBS, a large company with little experience with the music industry. For two decades growth was very good, but then their lack of interest and understanding of their market meant that the brand slipped. CBS tried to restore the brand, then decided to go in a different direction so it was bought out by some of the employees. They set about to make the best musical instruments possible and Fender have remained highly successful with a combination of love of music and business skills.

Fender is based in Arizona and has factories in California, Mexico, Japan and Korea.

Fender American Telecaster

Fender American Telecaster Originally released as the Broadcaster, the Telecaster is known for its simple looks, reliability and durability. Played by Prince, Joe Strummer, Johnny Greenwood, to name but a few. The new American Telecasters have been modernised but they have.. more..

Fender American Stratocaster

Fender American Stratocaster The Stratocaster is probably one of the most popular and iconic guitars in music history. It was first made in 1954 and instantly became an American icon. Popular with artists such as Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton this guitar not only looks great,.. more..

Fender Standard Telecaster

Fender Standard Telecaster Fender's Standard Telecaster line provides old school looks with the sounds and feels of a modern guitar.

Fender Standard Stratocaster

Fender Standard Stratocaster The difference between this model and the American Stratocaster is that these are made in Mexico and therefore are more affordable to buy due to the lower manufacturing costs. The standard stat has lots of modern refinements and this series offers.. more..
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