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Epiphone started in 1873 by Greek, Anastasios and he created violins, lutes and lioutos (a traditional Greek instrument). He built in reputation and in 1890 he moved to Turkey, where he started an instrument factory. Two of his children, Epi and Orphie started to help work in the shop and learn about the business.

In 1903 the family had to move again, due to the persecution of Greeks living in Turkey. They had moved to New York as the mandolin was getting popular which was good for them.

At the age of 52 Anastasios died and Epi took over the running of the business, aged just 22. Epi ran the business successfully due to his love of music, keen passion for the craft involved in making the instruments and his social skills. He was very aware of the market and started developing other ranges to target changing musical tastes. He decided to change the name to Epiphone, which is his nickname (Epi) and the Greek word for sound (phone).

With the stock market crash of 1929, Epi had to respond to the changing conditions so that the busniess didn't fail, like many other instrument manufactures were. He did this by introducing a range of guitars. Their range of guitars were not as much of a hit as they had hoped, due to Gibson being able to produce much higher volumes of similar guitars.

Business had to stop when World War 2 started and during this time Epi died from cancer. After this the business started to flounder and loose reputation. Later on Gibson bought out Epiphone's bass business for $20,000.

Epiphone started to produce new lines of guitars and open up factories in Asia to help meet consumers demand .

Arists such as Slash, from Guns 'n' Roses and the band "The Flaming Lips" use Epiphone guitars.

Epiphone Les Paul

Epiphone Les Paul Epiphone, which is a Gibson owned company, make around 20, official copies of the Les Paul and as they are made in places outside of the United States, using woods which are easier to source and as they do not have as much hand detailing the prices.. more..

Epiphone Other

Epiphone Other Some other guitars in Epiphones range.
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