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B C Rich started manufacturing flamenc guitars in the mid 60s. It was run by Bernardo Chavez Rico, called Bernie by his friends and in 1969 he started work on some electric guitars and basses. At the time it was suggested that there were 10 basses made in the style of the Gibson EB-3 and 10 Les Paul styled guitars were hand made. Few of these original instruments still exist and the actual numbers made may not have been recorded correctly.

In the early 1970s the Seagull guitar was crafted in Rico's store. It had a neck through design which is now a distinctive characteristic of BC Rich guitars. Along with this the neck through design had a heel less design which was very uncommon then.

As success started to grow, Rico hired a handful of designers to help create the iconic shapes assosiated with BC Rich guitars. With the success, there was a need for a less expensive, more mass produced version. In the late 70s guitars started being produced in Japan under the name, B C Rico. It was decided to start calling all their imported guitars under the brand, B C Rich. This was partly because of a law suit by the Rico Reed company over their use of the name.

The majority of their guitars are made in Asia. By the middle of the 90s B C Rich started to become very popular with heavy metal artists due to the guitars jagged and unusal shapes.

B C Rich Warlock

B C Rich Warlock A Warlock is a colloquial term for a male witchor as a deceiver; don't let this guitar's price range decieve you as it is a great piece of gear! A popular model in the range is the Revenge Warlock has trademark widow headstock, a bolt on neck, two.. more..

B C Rich Warbeast

B C Rich Warbeast This guitar combines the looks of 'the Beast' and the comfort of the Warlock. This guitar is not only affordable but also has plenty of features that will be loved by all entry level axe players.

B C Rich Beast

B C Rich Beast The beast range offers a rigid and distinctive looking guitar, perfect for heavy rock players. The SOB is ten percent smaller than the beast and has a rosewood fingerboard, impressive red edged headstock, a bolt on neck with dark hardware... more..
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